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  One-on-one consulting

2- and 3-Day Consulting Programs
Get Clear-Organized-Productive-Efficient

One-on-One With Personal Productivity Expert

Peggy Duncan


Revamp Your Business or Job

Change How You Work

Create Time for a Life

Shut it down for two days (some people need three days). No phone, no email, no visitors, no interruptions. Work one-on-one with Peggy Duncan and revamp your business from the bottom up. Start early that morning and go all day and into the night if we have to.

Personal productivity consulting at your convenience. Time management expert, Peggy Duncan, has heard it all. She's using her 23 years of experience to help busy people, who don't have a second to spare, spend less time working but get more done. Create more time for the life you want by developing smarter ways to work.

Peggy grew up at IBM and learned how to examine and streamline processes step by step. While there, she was recognized by the chairman for helping her department streamline processes that saved her department close to a million dollars a year. She revamped routine work and automated it with technology. She's also a computer trainer, and she'll advise you on which software to use to do the job. To help you think, she'll help you get organized too.

Your life coach will help you with setting goals and strategically planning your next career move, etc. Peggy, on the other hand, will help you keep your sanity along the way. She'll help you  pull yourself together, set up logical systems for getting things done, and create time for the life you want!

Let's Get Started

  • Send a brief email to Time Management Expert, Peggy Duncan,  (worksmart   at  peggyduncan.com), and suggest at least three possible time slots (M-F, between 10:00 AM and 9:00 PM, Eastern Time). Mondays and Fridays work best.

    At that time, we'll schedule your free, initial 30-minute set-up call with Peggy (to determine what you need and how she can help you). If both your schedules don't allow this, email will suffice.

  • On the call, Peggy will ask you a lot of questions about how you work, how you remember to do things, and how you follow up. What's working and what's not, process-wise. How are you spending your time, and what do you want to have more time to do? She'll also want to know how you're taking advantage of the technology you touch every day.

  • Once it's established how Peggy can help you, and you're ready to get started, we request advance payments for future sessions (outlined below). Your receipt will be sent by PayPal in the company name of PSC Press. If you need a formal invoice, just ask.

What to Expect

The process for helping you is fluid. Every client is different with different issues and priorities. However, below is a basic outline of what to expect. Everything is totally customizable and based on your needs and schedule.

Peggy is also available for travel.

She'll help you:

Analyze (pre-work). Determine how you spend your time and with whom by keeping a time log for a few days, including a weekend. Peggy will send you a time log to use.

Organize. Find a set place for everything and keep it there when you’re not using it. Everything around you needs to be organized by putting like things together, from the clothes closet to your computer files.

Prioritize. Do the most important work first before you move on to something else. Prioritize everything based on what’s closest to the money whether you own a business or have a job.

Systematize. If you have to do a task more than three times, you need a system that’s well thought-out and streamlined. Eliminate redundancies and inefficiencies in work you do every day.

Computerize. Determine the technology that can make your work easier. Invest in the best solution and learn how to use it. Our faculty trains on the Microsoft Office suite, WordPress, Google Docs, and more.

Vendorize. After all this and once you’re clear on how things should run, outsource everything you can so you can stay focused on revenue generating activities. 


Peggy does not work in an environment with dogs and some other animals (please inquire). If you have a cat, it will have to be put away from the work area. If you have dogs, you'll have to travel to Peggy and bring your laptop and all company paperwork that you'll want help with.

Any major credit card.

$5,000.00 flat fee, 2 days with Peggy Duncan. 8 hrs, 10 hrs, 12 hrs, etc., whatever it takes. Peggy does not add you to the Get COPE schedule until 1/2 advance payment is made.

Half Advance  


Or send a check made payable to Peggy Duncan, 1010 Pine Tree Trail, Atlanta GA 30349.

$7,000.00 flat fee, 3 days with Peggy Duncan (will include more computer training as needed). 8 hrs, 10 hrs, 12 hrs, etc., whatever it takes. Peggy does not add you to the Get COPE schedule until 1/2 advance payment is made.

Half Advance  


Payable with any major credit card. You do not have to open a PayPal account to pay. Or send a check made payable to Peggy Duncan, 1010 Pine Tree Trail, Atlanta GA 30349.

Guarantee: As long as you commit to this training and act accordingly, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or it's free.

Note: Get COPE is most effective when done over two consecutive days. Otherwise, within the same week.

Telecoaching: If you'd rather sign up for telecoaching, click here for details.

Strategic Planning and Goal Setting
After you work with Peggy and you're thinking more clearly, you may decide to get help with your strategic planning and goal setting. We have faculty waiting to help you with this. Just ask.

Pay Online with PayPal

  • Use PayPal to make instant credit card or check payments. It's safe and fast, and you don't have to have a PayPal account to use it. You'll use any major credit card just as you normally would.

  • Commit for a total of two days upfront. If you need more help after that, we also have a 3-day program that includes more technology training. Charges for last-minute cancellations will apply.

    Download the Contract to sign off on that spells out your commitment to change your life.

    You will have to be committed to make changes in how you work, so think this through and contact Peggy  when you're ready.

  • Once you click below to submit payment, download an Agreement. You should read, sign, and either fax or email to Peggy as instructed. Click here to download the Contract.



Click here to download the Contract. Complete it as instructed and either email or fax to Peggy.


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